The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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93 » Ada Leung

Location: Richmond, BC
Date: 15.11.2022
Time: 02:47:01

Hi Ian,

I met you visiting Victoria for my birthday weekend in 2013. Encountered you and your shop on my night walk along the harbour and we got to discussing spirituality & expansion. You signed and gifted me "Walkabout," as it was my favourite! I ended up moving to Victoria the following birthday and have recently moved back to Richmond after eight years.

I just want to let you know I have it framed and it has been a source of happiness, safety and comfort in my home since that night. Thank you! Hope you've been well and still creating <3

Best Regards,
Ada Leung

92 » Nikki

Location: Wichita, KS
Date: 08.07.2022
Time: 03:28:16

I remember fondly the day I stumbled across your artwork. You had actually stepped away so I waited for you. My family told me that I should just forget about it, that you weren't coming back anytime soon and how important could it possibly be (I don't think I got my appreciation for art from them). I told them that your art was too good. That I would wait until you returned. I am so glad I did! Once you arrived back to your Place on the marina, we talked for what felt like hours. You told me the inspirations for your drawings and about your dreams and mine. It was the best memory from that trip. I left with two autographed prints that day. They still make me smile. That was a long time ago. I am now old! haha! I hope you are well, friend.

91 » Mike Amy

Location: Greenfield, queens county. Nova Scotia.
Date: 15.09.2021
Time: 02:10:33

Hey Ian. I am so impressed that you are still doing your fantastic pointillism posters! Well done my friend. Still a huge fan. Would love to hear from you. My brother Bob is visiting Victoria and I have recommended he check out your exhibits on the causeway. Your website is a winner😊

90 » David Hughes

Location: Many places (San Jose)
Date: 06.04.2021
Time: 00:07:45

I opened a bag of posters that was hiding in my bedroom for the last 20 years. Out popped a poster of yours and am looking to identify. I really want to know how I got it.. I was in Victoria for a day in 1993 but not sure if I bought it there. I am fortunate to remember last week so this will be a task :)

thank you


89 » Shane Coombs

Location: MI, IL, WI
Date: 14.01.2021
Time: 22:33:14

My wife (now) and I picked up 3 posters back around 1991. I framed them with glass cover and have had them hanging in our house’s throughout the years. In the process of redoing our current house and had too take them down. They will be moved to my office at our Meadery. CABIN FEVER reminds me of my great great grandparents homestead and the evening’s after a long day of hunting. WAY OUT is my move from Marquette MI to the Cicagoland. WORLD OF DIFFERENCE is tomorrow! Thanks I love your work.

88 » Krista Tolsdorf

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Date: 10.01.2021
Time: 00:17:38

More than 15 years ago I visited my grandmother in Victoria and stumbled upon your incredible work. A man got off his giant yacht and started belittling you, I was so infuriated and told him to piss off (in more colorful terms) but I bought three of your prints on the spot. For the last 15 years those three prints have been hanging in my living room and are my favorite pieces of art to this day. I would LOVE buy more! Thank you for your vision and for sharing it with us!

87 » Lena Kornbråten

Location: Norway
Date: 21.11.2020
Time: 17:58:35


Finally I managed to buy a frame for the poster I bought from you when visiting back in 2010. And now I would love to by more posters. For how long will it be impossible to order from your site? Hope it wlll be fixed soon. Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Norway

86 » Dean Bennett

Location: Victoria
Date: 13.09.2020
Time: 19:27:40

I have known Ian for years, very friendly person and wondwerful detailed art with fasinating augmented reality images!
I own a few of them now.

85 » Cayden

Location: Arlington,VA USA
Date: 20.08.2020
Time: 22:11:26

Hi Ian! I bought your "Breakthrough" print 8 years ago when I was visiting Victoria on a language learning program. To this day I still have your print hanging on my wall, even after moving through many different housing situations. It evokes memories of the Victoria waterfront at sunset every time I see it. Today I'm returning to buy some prints for my nieces and nephews! I hope you're doing well and thank you for your art!!

84 » Avery

Location: Halifax, Nova scotia
Date: 23.03.2020
Time: 15:12:41

10 years ago I picked up a piece of yours when visiting BC.
Today, after all these years, I put your "Insight Out" piece into a frame and I was thrilled to see that you are still out there making art.

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