The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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35 » Autumngarden

Location: Japan
Date: 26.03.2007
Time: 14:59:07

Hi Ian,

This is the third time I try to send you a message.
I wonder if I can do it this time...(-.-).
You know, I always enjoy seeing your arts and reading other's comments here.
I wish your arts could be known to much more people.
Haven't you made any postcards or else of your arts?

Best wishes,


34 » devon b

Location: uk
Date: 23.03.2007
Time: 17:48:49

i am an art student currently doing my a levels. have become intranced by the detail of your work. Have become throughly inspired by your work thank you

33 » Al Dawbarn

Location: Tennessee
Date: 16.03.2007
Time: 07:53:42

Hey dude - met you in 1982 in Knoxville- bought 1 of your pictures and have kept it for all these years always wandering how you made out - looks like you have done well- I was young college punk back then now married with children - hope to hear back- keep the faith..
your pal Al

Reply: Al - Wow!! I'm in a state of amazement and laughing as I write! That would have been late 1984 or early 1985, when I was hitchhiking through the States.

Thanks for remembering me and looking me up! I'm delighted!!

I wound up staying in Knoxville and Nashville for some months, where I met some really nice people and had a great time.

I sold my art in a public square near the TVA buildings, as well as on Cumberland Avenue and the U of T campus, where I got my photo in UT's campus newspaper, 'The Daily Beacon'.

Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family! Cheers!!! Ian

32 » Ia. Just Ia.

Location: Arcadia, WI
Date: 10.03.2007
Time: 01:22:28

hey Ia. Just thought I would stop by. Haven't talked to you in a while. We both seem to be a little too busy. I was just wondering what time of the year would be good to come visit you? I WILL get out there eventually, just don't know when. :) How long have I been saying that? It will happen!!! I will make it a reality. Anyway, give me a shout back. Have fun. Later. oh, and Behave.

Love, Amanda

31 » Derek

Location: Port Orchard,WA via OC CA
Date: 07.03.2007
Time: 20:21:13

Thank you for your amazing work, on my wall is insight out and I am amazed by it daily. I look forward to having more of your great talent on my wall.

30 » Roni

Location: VallyView, Ab
Date: 13.01.2007
Time: 02:11:30

I was wandering around on the net looking at pictures and some how came across your web site, your work is so.... extraordinary...peaceful and a little bit scary all at the same time.
It keeps your whole mind busy looking at all the detail, that you have no time to worry about anything else at that moment, (and i need that, well actualy who doesnt, the world is to fast paced)
I wish i could some day meet you in person, even tho that could be a slight problem, since i have never been out of Alberta and im already 21.
I love seeing new art techniques, i like trying my hand at everything.
Never know what you can't do untell you've tried

A fan of your art ability

29 » Nikki

Date: 11.01.2007
Time: 04:12:35

isnt life beautiful? How are you? I got a couple of prints in the summer of 03, and they are always up where people can see them in my house. But anyway, i just wanted everyone to know that everything is so beautiful

28 » Shauna

Location: Rosedale British Columbia
Date: 08.01.2007
Time: 05:23:56

Bought 2 prints 10 years ago, World of Difference and Walkabout in Victoria B.C. Your pieces are always enjoyable to look at and a conversation piece. I typed in your name in Google and there you were. Keep up the good work!!!

27 » Jesse

Location: Seattle
Date: 07.01.2007
Time: 03:11:56

I bought "World of Difference" about 9 years ago in Victoria. I hope you don't mind, but I colored it in, and I think it looks great! It's 9 years later, and I'm finally getting around to framing it. Keep up the great work!

26 » Deborah George

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 23.12.2006
Time: 04:35:51

I purchased a print from you back in 2001 when I saw you working in Victoria. It has induced much introspection. Best Wishes

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