The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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4 » Kelsey

Location: Bremerton, WA USA
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 16:11:59

I was with my class on a French trip to Victoria, and I was so lucky to drop by the Inner Harbor and to get to see you create your latest work and chat with you for a while. I was so intrigued by your art that I really had to buy a print, and I did! I think your drawings are really unique! Keep up the good work!

3 » Tim Wiltshire

Location: Victoria, B.C Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 16:45:19

Ian, I was downtown with a friend, we decided to go along the inner harbour boardwalk and we passed by you and your work. I was immediatly fascinated with the drawings I saw. How unique! I stood there for about 20 minutes in awe before I had to leave. I had to come back at the end of the night and purchase some of your art! It was all so fantastic, and mind boggling. I finally decided on "Stitches in time" and I hope to purchase more of your art some day! Thanks!

2 » Jenna

Location: edmonton, ab Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 17:01:59

In mid June i remember walking along the inner harbour with my cousin, when we came upon ian cooper. As soon as i saw the pictures i was impressed, but when i turned to my right and saw Ian crouched over looking through his magnifying glass working carefully with his tech pen, i was even more impressed. It takes him months to finish these pictures, and i don't think a lot of people realize how patient you have to be to create and finish such art as he does. As excited as i was to meet him and see his art, i had to run back to my hotel, get my parents to come and see, and got them to buy 5 pieces of his art. He introduced me to rapidograph pens, and into a whole other vision and prespective to art. Lucky as i am, i get to go back to victoria for another 2 weeks this summer, and i cant wait to see ian again. (:

1 » Fabian Santin

Location: Queretaro, Qro Mexico
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 17:18:39

First of all congratulations, you are a great artist, second just keep doing what you have been doing because you inspire a lot of people to keep dreaming, and third, good luck and goodbye.

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