The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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55 » Nadia

Location: Jakarta
Date: 28.04.2012
Time: 05:41:16

Hi Ian, I just saw you a few minutes ago,the girl that asked about hatching,cross-hatching and stippling haha.. I adore your artworks so much, I know you put a lot of effort and thoughts on them. All the best for you, keep inspiring =]

54 » Melody Sarkies

Location: Seattle, WA.
Date: 26.04.2012
Time: 02:30:14


I purchased the print "Looking" from you when you were sitting on the board walk by the water front many many years ago. I was thrilled to find this website was still active. We love this piece and display it proudly on the stairwell.

53 » Ashley Dormer

Location: Victoria
Date: 10.04.2012
Time: 05:29:53

Great artwork & website Ian! I saw you earlier this evening with the two boys, one of which purchased two of your posters. Keep up the great work, your truly talented!

52 » Alyssa

Location: Victoria B.C
Date: 04.04.2012
Time: 02:45:17

I saw your ar work at the inner harbor and it was amazing!

51 » Mike Sanders

Location: Australia
Date: 01.04.2012
Time: 04:21:05

Great work Ian never get tired of looking at your drawings! It was a hard choice to just get two posters when I was in Victoria, friends and family are always blown away by the detail you put into your drawings, keep up the great work! Thanks for signing my posters too, makes it that much more authentic!

50 » Nele

Location: Germany
Date: 12.02.2012
Time: 05:28:08

You are doing an amazing work, I am still very impressed from our chat today. "Way Out" is hanging on my wall now!

49 » Sarah

Location: Victoria, B.C.
Date: 22.12.2011
Time: 23:28:48

Very nice work, my favorite is Cabin Fever. I will have to get that one, one day.

48 » Diana Winger

Location: Canada
Date: 25.11.2011
Time: 03:01:00

Ian I love your work its incredible!!!

47 » Jason

Location: Vancouver/Seattle
Date: 14.09.2011
Time: 07:33:34

I was in Victoria on Labor Day weekend. It was a pleasure talking with you on the side walk. And I really like your work. I purchased "Dream Journey".

Here are a few photos I took that day:

Do let me know if you want the original copy of the pictures. Nice meeting you!

46 » Alicia

Date: 20.08.2011
Time: 06:28:42

Your art is beautiful and inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing your work!

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