The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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61 » Steve

Location: Borden, Ontario
Date: 27.10.2012
Time: 18:01:57

Merci pour votre œuvre! J'ai acheter l'un de vos tableau a Victoria,BC et il es magnifique ! Je vous enverrez le résultat final une fois mît en cadre! Continuez vos œuvres! Elles sont superbe et unique !

60 » Hans & Cristina

Location: Victoria, B.C.
Date: 16.08.2012
Time: 19:57:39

Thank you for your work. We really enjoy our art collection that prominently features your work. We look forward to your continuing works.

59 » Bryan Rozon

Location: Canada
Date: 09.07.2012
Time: 05:54:27

Hello Ian. I was so glad you had Trial by Fire finished. I simply love it, and the others I have.

Nice talking to you today, take care

58 » Scott Smith

Location: Cardston, Alberta
Date: 03.07.2012
Time: 22:51:11

Hey Ian we enjoyed meeting and talking to you on Canada day. We also really enjoyed you work.

57 » Malcolm

Location: Esquimalt
Date: 03.06.2012
Time: 15:20:12

I just grew this blue morning glory from seed , and I wanted to show you the pictures I just took .

Flower Pictures (case sensitive URL)--->

Good to see you are spam free !

56 » tara

Date: 14.05.2012
Time: 01:51:02

I saw your work yesterday on the causeway and couldn't stop thinking about cabin fever, so I went back today and sadly you weren't there. I looked you up as soon as I got home and am very happy to find out I can buy it from you right here! Your work is fantastic!

55 » Nadia

Location: Jakarta
Date: 28.04.2012
Time: 05:41:16

Hi Ian, I just saw you a few minutes ago,the girl that asked about hatching,cross-hatching and stippling haha.. I adore your artworks so much, I know you put a lot of effort and thoughts on them. All the best for you, keep inspiring =]

54 » Melody Sarkies

Location: Seattle, WA.
Date: 26.04.2012
Time: 02:30:14


I purchased the print "Looking" from you when you were sitting on the board walk by the water front many many years ago. I was thrilled to find this website was still active. We love this piece and display it proudly on the stairwell.

53 » Ashley Dormer

Location: Victoria
Date: 10.04.2012
Time: 05:29:53

Great artwork & website Ian! I saw you earlier this evening with the two boys, one of which purchased two of your posters. Keep up the great work, your truly talented!

52 » Alyssa

Location: Victoria B.C
Date: 04.04.2012
Time: 02:45:17

I saw your ar work at the inner harbor and it was amazing!

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