The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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11 » Stacey

Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Date: 27.06.2006
Time: 13:45:19

Everytime my boyfriend and I have a day off together, we usually end up down at the inner harbour, and the only thing that leads us down there is to see if Ian is out and about creating another masterpiece of his own. We were lucky enough to have the chance to witness this man's amazing talent the last time we were down there and saw how every piece of the puzzle came together. I must say, Ian Cooper's talent is most definitely my number one choice for original artists. Thanks Ian.

10 » Bill

Location: New York, NY USA
Date: 09.07.2006
Time: 03:31:59

This site rocks! Keep up that excellent work!

9 » Cam Scott

Location: Burnaby, BC Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 17:18:39

when i was 11 i was over in Victoria to visit my uncle and aunt when my dad took me to the inner harbour which i had always remembered was really cool. so my dad takes me there and im looking at all the neat art work everyone was selling and making and then i came accross ians work and i was fascinated with the percise work. so i asked my dad to buy me one and he did. i am 15 now and ever since every time i go to victoria i make sure i go to the inner harbour and look for his art . i am slowly growing my collection of his wonderful work . Your my favoite artist ian Thanks Cam ( :

8 » Deanna

Location: Victoria , B.C Canada
Date: 16.07.2006
Time: 02:11:59

Thank you Ian for showing me and my girlfriend how you do your work. It was an amazing demonstration, just like your work is. Your pictures done in subtle black and white are the best in my opinion. Keep up the good work and again thank you for your great enthusiasm to show off how you do your work!!!!

7 » Greg Elison

Location: Fort Lee, NJ USA
Date: 17.07.2006
Time: 05:58:39

Wow! I am so glad I made that last minute decision to run out to the art before I boarded the incredible sea plane flight back to Seattle. My last quick stop for the day seems the most valuable. Your artwork amazes me. It stuck such a cord in me- at this moment in time- just inspiration. And I am so glad I am able to check out this awesome site. Thank you. Greg Elison

6 » Zubin

Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Date: 18.07.2006
Time: 09:45:19

Hi Ian, I was as impressed by the technique you use as I was by your imagination for all the art you have created. By the way, I did enjoy the explanation that inspired your "Where I am" poster and shall remember it forever. Good luck and hope to pick up more of your art some day again.

5 » Steve Geigle

Location: Portland, OR USA
Date: 19.07.2006
Time: 13:31:59

Stopped by and purchased one of your prints. I do pen&ink; too and we had a nice short chat. I really enjoy your creativity and precise technique. Best of success to you!

4 » Kelsey

Location: Bremerton, WA USA
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 16:11:59

I was with my class on a French trip to Victoria, and I was so lucky to drop by the Inner Harbor and to get to see you create your latest work and chat with you for a while. I was so intrigued by your art that I really had to buy a print, and I did! I think your drawings are really unique! Keep up the good work!

3 » Tim Wiltshire

Location: Victoria, B.C Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 16:45:19

Ian, I was downtown with a friend, we decided to go along the inner harbour boardwalk and we passed by you and your work. I was immediatly fascinated with the drawings I saw. How unique! I stood there for about 20 minutes in awe before I had to leave. I had to come back at the end of the night and purchase some of your art! It was all so fantastic, and mind boggling. I finally decided on "Stitches in time" and I hope to purchase more of your art some day! Thanks!

2 » Jenna

Location: edmonton, ab Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 17:01:59

In mid June i remember walking along the inner harbour with my cousin, when we came upon ian cooper. As soon as i saw the pictures i was impressed, but when i turned to my right and saw Ian crouched over looking through his magnifying glass working carefully with his tech pen, i was even more impressed. It takes him months to finish these pictures, and i don't think a lot of people realize how patient you have to be to create and finish such art as he does. As excited as i was to meet him and see his art, i had to run back to my hotel, get my parents to come and see, and got them to buy 5 pieces of his art. He introduced me to rapidograph pens, and into a whole other vision and prespective to art. Lucky as i am, i get to go back to victoria for another 2 weeks this summer, and i cant wait to see ian again. (:

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