The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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15 » Jenny

Location: Cold Lake
Date: 18.08.2006
Time: 03:38:00

I have adored the "Looking" poster and have fall in love with the rest of the collection. I can't wait to order all of the art prints because they will be the only art work on my walls. I have not seen anything else like Transient Visions. So unique! Beautiful skills Ian, well done!

14 » Sue Suffian

Location: Warrington, Pennsylvania
Date: 01.08.2006
Time: 17:48:40

We were on the last stop of our Alaskan cruise and happened to walk by Ian's artwork. My son stood there for at least 45 minutes trying to decide which one to purchase. We purchased 4 pieces. My son will be putting them up in his dorm room. It was fun trying to interpret each one. Best of luck to you Ian.

13 » Steve Switzer

Location: Victoria, BC
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 18:49:19

We have a new guestbook! If you've signed Ian's guestbook in the past, I have converted entries from 2005 and was not able to convert the old date format... so old entries seem to be from new dates. Sorry about that, but I figure it's better than either having none of the old entries or living with the old spam-friendly guestbook.

Thanks, Steve Switzer.

12 » Josh Blandford

Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Date: 15.06.2006
Time: 23:58:39

I think it was about...twenty five minutes my girlfriend and i stood there on the causeway just staring at your artwork that was on display. i wanted to purchase them all. i really enjoy your art, you have a really good talent. i will come back to you again and buy more. take care.

11 » Stacey

Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Date: 27.06.2006
Time: 13:45:19

Everytime my boyfriend and I have a day off together, we usually end up down at the inner harbour, and the only thing that leads us down there is to see if Ian is out and about creating another masterpiece of his own. We were lucky enough to have the chance to witness this man's amazing talent the last time we were down there and saw how every piece of the puzzle came together. I must say, Ian Cooper's talent is most definitely my number one choice for original artists. Thanks Ian.

10 » Bill

Location: New York, NY USA
Date: 09.07.2006
Time: 03:31:59

This site rocks! Keep up that excellent work!

9 » Cam Scott

Location: Burnaby, BC Canada
Date: 20.07.2006
Time: 17:18:39

when i was 11 i was over in Victoria to visit my uncle and aunt when my dad took me to the inner harbour which i had always remembered was really cool. so my dad takes me there and im looking at all the neat art work everyone was selling and making and then i came accross ians work and i was fascinated with the percise work. so i asked my dad to buy me one and he did. i am 15 now and ever since every time i go to victoria i make sure i go to the inner harbour and look for his art . i am slowly growing my collection of his wonderful work . Your my favoite artist ian Thanks Cam ( :

8 » Deanna

Location: Victoria , B.C Canada
Date: 16.07.2006
Time: 02:11:59

Thank you Ian for showing me and my girlfriend how you do your work. It was an amazing demonstration, just like your work is. Your pictures done in subtle black and white are the best in my opinion. Keep up the good work and again thank you for your great enthusiasm to show off how you do your work!!!!

7 » Greg Elison

Location: Fort Lee, NJ USA
Date: 17.07.2006
Time: 05:58:39

Wow! I am so glad I made that last minute decision to run out to the art before I boarded the incredible sea plane flight back to Seattle. My last quick stop for the day seems the most valuable. Your artwork amazes me. It stuck such a cord in me- at this moment in time- just inspiration. And I am so glad I am able to check out this awesome site. Thank you. Greg Elison

6 » Zubin

Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Date: 18.07.2006
Time: 09:45:19

Hi Ian, I was as impressed by the technique you use as I was by your imagination for all the art you have created. By the way, I did enjoy the explanation that inspired your "Where I am" poster and shall remember it forever. Good luck and hope to pick up more of your art some day again.

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