The Art Work of Ian Cooper
Victoria, British Columbia


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45 » Jim

Location: PEI
Date: 14.07.2011
Time: 01:02:14

Met you in Victoria (October 2002) on the boardwalk, selling your artwork. Visiting with the military while stationed in Shearwater, NS.

Very impressed with your work. Travelling with a friend. We each bought a drawing on Saturday. So impressed we came back on Sunday and we each bought two more as gifts to take home. All three are proudly displayed in my home. Thanks.

44 » Casey

Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: 20.06.2011
Time: 07:13:30

last night I was wandering around Victoria, and I was happy enough to come upon you, and your artwork. I can honestly say that I have rarely seen such art that sparks my interest, and imagination like your pieces do. I am so glad that I was able to find your website so I can buy more artwork, and promote you to my friends.

43 » Annie Laplante

Location: Montréal, Québec
Date: 05.04.2011
Time: 15:00:08

Quel talent extraordinaire ! Que d'admiration devant ces oeuvres d'une grande originalité, de beauté et de précision !

À mon ami Ian, félicitation !
Bien hâte de recroiser ton chemin ! Ça arrivera, c'est certain !

Annie xxx

42 » Admin

Date: 24.01.2011
Time: 21:33:09

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41 » luis and yasmine

Location: ALaska
Date: 06.09.2007
Time: 01:13:28

How u doin??

40 » Scott

Location: New Jersey
Date: 12.06.2007
Time: 02:09:25

Enjoyed meeting you and admiring your prints on the walk in Victoria. Your work reminds me of Salvadore Dali's attention to detail and surrealistic themes. I look forward to staying current with your projects.

39 » Gavin

Location: Lacombe alberta
Date: 06.06.2007
Time: 17:14:40

A girlfriend of myn bought a copy of Where I am? for me as a gift because it reminded her of me and i can see why. Ive had a buddha sitting in a stond garden with two people walking in different directions tattoed on my back and and hourglass on my left calf, when i saw your work i not only admired your pen and ink but the oddity and vastness of your skies.
i hope to make it out of victoria sometime over the summer and i will have to come and see your other work.


38 » Jos Heijmans

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Date: 06.06.2007
Time: 09:41:12

Hi Ian,

We met in 2001. We talked about your Escher-esque technique and you told me about meeting/writing Escher's grandson. I bought Rendezvous and took it on the remainder of my Canada trip. After coming back to Holland I ordered one more (Dream Journey) and you threw in Way Out as a freebie, because of some ordering issues. I had all three framed in the same metallic style frames. Unfortunately I had to hang them in seperate rooms. In November my girlfriend and I are moving into a new house and this time I will hang them next to one another as I always intended.
Anyway, I hope you're alright and I will definitely return to Victoria some day.


37 » John

Location: Seattle
Date: 03.06.2007
Time: 10:14:05

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and see your site. My girlfriend and I bought 3 of your wonderful drawings this last friday and we just got them framed today and they look awesome. It was nice to meet you and thanks for posing with us for the picture.

36 » Joe Nice

Location: Seattle, Wa.
Date: 19.05.2007
Time: 22:48:18

Hey brother...It's nice to see this website cuz I can look at all the other 14 beautiful wonders that I didn't get to take home.... I got 2 though!! I just met ya last weekend on mother's day. I was w/ my girlfriend and we were on our way back to the boat to Seattle and running a bit late. We were the younger couple that stood there staring in awe and having a hard time choosing. We picked "Rendezvous" and "Dream Journey" I LOVE THEM! Have fun. One Love. Your energy was refreshing.


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